Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Balloons Fly?

It's a very basic principle: Hot air rises and cold air sinks. So while the super-cooled air in your grocer's freezer settles down around the food, the hot air in a hot air balloon pushes up, keeping the balloon floating.

What kind of fuel does it use?

Propane is the most common.

How High will we fly?

That all depends on the wind at different altitudes, we fly anywhere from skimming across a lake to several thousand feet.

Where will we take off?

This depends on the wind direction the day of the flight. I will call you the evening before a morning flight, or around mid day for an afternoon flight with the latest weather information and launch location.

Where will we land?

The simple answer is downwind...somewhere. Balloons fly with the wind and have no directional control other than being able to change altitude. That being said, at different altitudes there are sometimes different wind directions so we may be able to turn a little left or right depending on how high we are.

How will we get back?

Ballooning is a team sport, we have chase crew team members that follow us on the ground in a truck that is designed to carry the balloon, passengers, and crew back to our original meeting place.

How should I dress?

NO OPENED TOED SHOES, SANDALS, FLIP-FLOPS OR HIGH HEELS. Dress as if you were going to hike to a picnic.

What happens if we have to cancel due to weather?

We will reschedule you for the next mutually available flight opening.


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